Effetool 16mm 5kg Neodymium Recovery Magnet Metal Detector Circular Eyebolt Magnet Red/Yellow/Blue



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Description:Effetool 16mm 5kg Neodymium Recovery Magnet Circular Eyebolt Magnet Red/Yellow/Blue Metal DetectorSpecification:

Material NdFeB
Max. Vertical tension 5kg
Horizontal tension 0.5kg     
Max Temperature 80(℃)
Color Red/Yellow/Blue
Hook Circular Eyebolt 
Surface Treatment Nickel Plating
Diameter 20mm                       

Application: 1. Can be used for treasure hunting in the sea/river. Great for recoverying keys down a drain or overboard a boat.2. Talk about convenient. Just stick these sturdy hooks anywhere you need them, and presto: you’ve got the perfect way to save space and organize your home or office.Hang anything from keys to kitchen utensils, coats to cords and tools to sports gear – even holiday lights around the house: and everything from signs to supplies the office.No hammers, nails or other hardware needed. And there’s no damage to walls and other surfaces.Note: The vertical tension would be much larger than the horizontal tension, because the horizontal tension is effectedby the adsorption interface roughness.Features:

1. Widely used for river, lake, pit, deep sea and other occasions, salvage operations, can absorb all kinds of iron objects, such as: iron, steel, iron, iron, iron,
tools, etc. (this product is widely used by fire fighting, municipal, archaeological and maritime sectors);
2. Strong magnetic salvage can be adsorbed on the surface of iron products, used to hang a variety of heavier weight objects.
3. Great for recovering keys down a drain or overboard a boat.
Care must be taken when handling these magnets as there is a danger of trapped fingers, pinched skin and flying shards of metal if carelessly handled.
Never allow magnets to jump together or to jump to steel as they will likely shatter.
Suitable for usage up to a maximum of 80 degree Centigrade.
Always keep magnets away from items that may be damaged by the powerful magnetic field such as credit cards, computers, mobile phones, Cd’s.
Not to be handled near to or by people with Pace makers or other medical devices.
The actual pull strengths will vary depending on other variables such as: Steel thickness(the thinner the steel the lower the pull strength), Steel Quality(for example pitted/corroded), Surface finish(painted, powder coated will result in a reduced pull force).
This magnet is VERY powerful and totally unsuitable for Children!!

Package Included:1 x 16mm MagnetMore Details:

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